The Presidential Office on July 12 organized a press conference to announce six new laws which were approved at the third session of the 14th National Assembly.
Permanent Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Office Giang Son announces six new laws on July 12, 2017.
The Law on Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) is designed with a view to supporting SMEs, respecting the market regulations and the international conventions to which Viet Nam is a signatory.
It aims to support the SMEs through creating mechanisms, policies and facilitate intermediary organizations to provide services for SMEs.
The Law, including four chapters and 35 articles, stipulates principles, contents and resources for supporting the SMEs and responsibilities of agencies, organizations and individuals related to SMEs assistance.
The Law on Foreign Trade Management, consisting of eight chapters and 113 articles, defines issues related to technique and quarantine, administration, trade remedies, urgent control in foreign trade activities and disputes on application of foreign trade management measures.
The Law on Railway, including 10 chapters and 87 articles, stipulates activities in the railway sector, including policies on railway development, railway infrastructure and fees.
The Law on Technology Transfer, consisting of six chapters and 60 articles, is designed amend and supplement the State policies on technology transfer activities, criteria and list of transferred technologies, mechanisms to encourage businesses to apply and renew technologies, commercialization of science and technology and technology development researches and development of science and technology market.
The Law on Tourism, including nine chapters and 78 articles, aims to enhance the development of tourism, improve the quality of tourist activities, create favorable conditions and a competitive environment for tourist businesses and protect the legal rights and benefits of tourists. 
The Law on Irrigation, consisting of 10 chapters and 60 articles, defines irrigation planning and strategies, investment in irrigation projects, management, exploitation and operation of hydro-electric plants, irrigation services, protection and guaranty of safety for irrigation projects, rights and responsibilities of organizations and individuals in irrigation activities and responsibilities of the State management on irrigation.
Under Article 88 of the 2013 Constitution, the State President shall promulgate Constitution, laws and ordinances./.
Permanent Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Office Giang Son announces six new laws on July 12, 2017.