A series of policies on basic wage level, responsibilities of individuals and organizations in protecting children on the Internet, enrollment and studying support for pupils and students of the ethnic minority groups, and management and development of industrial clusters come into effect since July 2017.

Decree No. 47/2017/NĐ-CP dated April 3, 2017 provides for the basic wage level for cadres, civil servants, and people in armed forces since July 1, 2017 to be raised to VND1,300,000 per month (the previous basic wage of VND1,210,000 per month).

Decree No. 55/2017/ND-CPdefines management, cultivation, processing and export of tra fish products.

The cultivation of commercial tra fish must satisfy the four following  requirements:1- Tra fish farms and areas should go with the land use planning of the provincial-level People’s Committees; 2- Infrastructure should meet the technical requirements for commercial tra fish farming, with separate water supply and drainage systems and disposal facilities of waste and sludge satisfying environmental protection and veterinary hygiene standards, 3- Conditions to ensure food safety must be satisfied in line with legal regulations on food safety, 4- Farming ponds must have identification codes in line with regulations.

Decree No. 56/2017/ND-CP stipulates responsibilities of individuals and organizations in protecting children on the Internet.

Parents, teachers, and child care workers are responsible for educating knowledge; providing safety skills for children when accessing the Internet. Children are obliged to learn and practice self-protection on the Internet.

Internet service providers are in charge of guiding kids to use IT equipment and protecting children on the Internet.

Decree No. 57/2017/NĐ-CP regulates policies on enrollment and studying support for pupils and students of the ethnic minority groups with a very small population.

Decree No. 58/2017/NĐ-CP stipulates some articles of the Viet Nam Maritime Law on maritime management activities including investment, construction and exploitation of the construction and operation of seaports, navigable channels, maritime works, maritime signals, maritime announcements, maritime pilotage activities and management of vessels’ operation at Viet Nam’s harbors and waters.

Vietnamese organizations and individuals and foreigners investing in building seaports, ports, wharves, buoys, anchorage, transshipment areas and navigable channels must obey regulations in Decree No. 58/2017/NĐ-CP and other related regulations.

Decree 59/2017/ND-CP 2017 defines management over and access to genetic resources benefit sharing. The benefits from using genetic resources must guarantee fairness and suitability between related sides and contribute to effectively managing the biological resources, enhancing science researches and commercialize the genetic resources.  

Decree No. 61/2017/NĐ-CP stipulates the assessment of the reserve price of bad debt and asset put up as security for bad debts.

The assessment of the reserve price will be given to: a bad debt that is purchased at the price equal to its book value by the Asset Management Company through its issue of a special bond with a requirement that, upon determination of its reserve price, the Asset Management Company fails to reach an agreement on that reserve price with the debt-selling credit institution and a bad debt that is purchased by the Asset Management Company at the market price.

Decree 62/2017/ND-CP was issued to detail a number of articles and measures to implement the Law on Property Auction. The procedures on licensing and retrieving auction cards are simplified and meet the requirements for administrative procedure reform.

Decree No. 63/2017/NĐ-CP stipulates some specific State finance mechanisms and policies for the capital city of Ha Noi.

Decree No. 65/2017/NĐ-CP defines specific polices on breeds, capital and technology in planting and exploiting pharmaceutical materials. The State will give priority on land, breeding production and application of technology on planting and exploiting pharmaceutical materials for organizations and individuals in Viet Nam.

Decree No. 66/2017/NĐ-CP deals with trading camouflage equipment, software used for recording, video recording and positioning.

The Decree stipulates the conditions on security, order, State management, responsibilities of related organizations and individuals and execution measures for trading activities of camouflage equipment, software used for recording, video recording and positioning.

Decree No. 67/2017/NĐ-CP covers administrative violations in the domains of petroleum, petrol and oil. The fine from VND60-100 million will be given for mixing or adding other substances into petrol for benefits.

Decree No. 68/2017/ND-CP tackles the management and development of industrial clusters.

An industrial cluster can be established if it meets the requirements:1- The cluster is included in an already-approved industrial cluster development plan; 2- The cluster has its technical infrastructure constructed by legally registered, competent and experienced businesses and cooperatives; 3- If a district-level locality has already established industrial clusters, the average filling rate of those clusters must exceed 50% or the clusters’ total industrial land fund yet to be leased must be less than 50 hectares.

Decree No. 70/2017/NĐ-CP provides preferential allowance and subsidy levels for people with meritorious services to the revolution that will increase from VND1,318,000 to VND1,417,000.

Circular No. 145/2017/TT-BQP of the Ministry of Defense guides the basic wage level for beneficiaries enjoying military rank’s salary or allowance from the State budget at agencies under the Ministry of Defense.

Circular No. 15/2017/TT-BLĐTBXH​of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs stipulates criteria and standards on accreditation of the vocational training’s quality.

Circular No. 52/2017/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance amends Circular No. 120/2015/TT-BTC promulgating forms, printing, issuance, management and use of customs declarations for incoming/outgoing passengers, which sets limits on portable goods for alcohol, cigars and gold.