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Areas of Practice

Indochine Counsel offers services in diverse practice areas while maintaining our focus on providing for your business needs. Our experienced lawyers are available to help you navigate every aspect of founding and operating a business in Vietnam…

Our Team

Our pride is our people. Between our two offices, Indochine Counsel is home to 25 lawyers. Our lawyers are all certified to practice law in their respective jurisdictions and many of them have studied overseas. Our people have studied in Japan, Korea, Australia, and the United States.

Client Alerts

As always, we hope you find this month’s Client Alert helpful and wish you a rapid economic recovery from the ravages of Covid-19. Good luck and we look forward to working with you.

Client Service

Indochine Counsel is devoted to providing clients a friendly service experience. Too many law firms are focused on billable hours and trying to get the most money out of their clients. Indochine Counsel is interested in maintaining client relationships for the long term. As a result we focus on helping the client understand all the implications of their legal decisions and assist them to navigate the various legal obstacles that are faced by businesses and investors in Vietnam.

Awards & Achievements

Law Firm Networks

Indochine Counsel is the Vietnam member of the strong non-exclusive association of independent law firms from around the world.

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