Central Ha Tinh Province approved in principle 76 projects over the past nine months, including three foreign-invested projects, with combined investment capital of over US$330 million, local authorities said.

Among these projects is a $55.3 million-maritime tourism complex, developed by An Giang Dragon Ha Tinh Co; a $54 million hotel and trade centre complex, financed by Viet Trung Investment Co; and another eco-tourism project, valued at $13.4 million.

So far, the province is home to 740 projects, capitalised at $4.38 billion. Of them, 69 were financed by foreign investors from 15 countries and territories with capital totaling more than $11.63 billion.

Japan, South Korea, Brunei and Australia, as well as the US, Thailand, Philippines and Laos, along with Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, are the province’s leading sources of foreign investment.

Under this year’s investment promotion programme, the province plans to lure potential investors from Japan, South Korea and Germany with the help of those currently investing in the province.

The province is calling for investment in hi-tech farming, support industries, tourism and services, as well as high-quality personnel training projects and waste and wastewater treatment projects.

The Thien Cam and Xuan Thanh tourism sites and Ke Go Lake eco-tourism spot are also seeking foreign investment.

To attract more investors, the province will continue to speed up administrative reform, perfect infrastructure facilities, accelerate land clearance and foster investment promotion activities.

Provincial authorities will also hold dialogues with entrepreneurs and investors in the locality to get recommendations and help resolve problems.