The Government has issued Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP detailing the execution of a number of articles of the Law on Food Safety, including food safety requirements in the production, trading and use of additives.

Accordingly, the producers and traders of food additives must satisfy the food safety requirements as follows:

1- Meeting general regulations concerning the food safety requirements, as specified in clause 1 Article 19, clause 1 Article 20, clause 1 Article 21 of the Law on Food Safety.

2- Only mixing food additives if those substances are included in the list of additives permitted to be used in food in line with the Health Ministry’s regulations, and the final mixture does not cause any harms to the human health. In case a new product with new effects is created, the producer must clearly demonstrate its effects and the maximum usage level that should be taken.

3- The pouring, division and extraction of food additives must be carried out at establishments meeting all food safety and labeling conditions according to current regulations.

The decree also says that new additives with new use must be registered with the Ministry of Health. Producers and traders of those additives must declare quantitative ingredients in each additive.

In addition, the additives must be used for the right food and must not be overused, while their origin and expiry must be clearly declared.

The decree takes effect on February 2, 2018.